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Application Forms
Backland Communications offer our clients service and support!  To subscribe to any of the following services please complete and fax the appropriate form to 705-725-7711 or contact our sales office at 705-725-7725.

Forms on this page can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Connectivity Forms

To order high-speed service for your business:

The Letter of Authorization is required if your phone line is not with Bell Canada:

For dialup or other types of dedicated connections:

Domain Registration Forms

opensrs_seal_secure_site  Go to the Domain Registration Site

Email and Web Hosting Forms

To order email service without a web service:

To order web service with included email service:

To order additional email address, domain parking, zone hosting, host pointer service, or directory pointer service:

Database Hosting Forms

To order a MySQL or MSSQL database service: