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What happens to domain names when they expire?


Expired domains will be held for a grace period defined by the registry.

For .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .name, and .cc the grace period is 40 days.
For .ca it is 30 days.
For .tv it is 55 days.
For .cn it 10 days.
.uk domains are held until the 25th day of the month after they expire.

There are no grace periods for .de domains. They are deleted on the day after the expiration date.

During the grace period all associated services will cease working until the name is renewed (if and when this happens). As well, name server/DNS changes will not be possible.

If a renewal is not made by the end of the grace period the domains will sent to the registry for deletion and returned to the available pool. Deletion at the registry level can take 1 to 10 days.

Please note, .com, .net and .org registrations will enter into a "Redemption Period" state. .info registrations enter into a "Pending Delete Restorable" state. These domains will be held by the appropriate Registry for an additional 30 days. During the Redemption Period or Pending Delete Restorable state it is still possible to recover the domain name and have it renewed.